Public Service

UX Design lead

In this digital campaign, DR wants to target a dialogue with the 18-29 year-olds. The goal is helping create a greater understanding of the value of public service.

The campaign is launched on DR's own pages on the social media, a special campaign site at hvaderpublicservice.dk and supported by banner ads on dr.dk as well as TV and radio spot. 

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How can DR capture the young generation that don't care about Public Service. How can we catch their interest and give them a better insight in all the content produced by Public Service.


We used a mobile first approach to design a fun experience with easy acces on the go. Scrolling through the content is triggered by gamification and touch gestures. The user is actively engages in gaining knowledge by answering questions and getting fun results.


Become more involved in the target group to investigate how long content can capture their interest and how it affect them. Research and test of the degree of fun vs information is important.


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